Forget yourself when you do something and you will become GREAT!

Picasso, Mozart, Roger Federer, Michael Jackson, the best cook in the world, a world class dancer, little children, a meditation master…. what do these people all have in common?

They were/are all masters in their own field. The field of art, music, sports, entertainment and play.  If one masters his own game, people love to watch them perform.

You can only perform on the highest level when you completely forget about yourself. Then you are not a musician anymore – instead you BECOME the music. And when you start to BECOME something, then its very beautiful to watch and/or listen. That is a whole other level of performance. It doesn’t matter what you do, your doing will become beautiful beyond understanding. And that my friends is meditation. Meditation is to forget the person you are or you think you are and melt into (becoming one) with whatever you do.

You are a Personal Trainer? Completely forget about yourself, while you train your client. You will feel your client a whole lot more and that is the highest form of coaching. Don’t be a Personal Trainer – become Personal Training!

This has nothing to do with effort and hard work – but it has everything to do with letting go and giving in to the present moment.

Don’t try it – Allow IT !





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