Important: HUGE Experiment


Dear People from „All over the world“….I need YOU, cause „I have a dream“!

I need…..

-100 volunteers (only people please)

-from 5 different continents (20 per continent – Asia, America, Australia, Europe and Africa)

-to send me  3 questions (100 people x 3 questions = 300 questions in TOTAL)

-as a comment below this blog

The questions need to be very very important to you personally (but they don’t have to be personal at all)

For example….

  1. How can I live a happy life?
  2. What does success mean to me?
  3. What is my purpose?

They don’t have to be „deep“, but they need to be very important to YOU ….

This is going to be a project that I have planned. All i need is your first name (its not that important) and the country (important) you are coming from. If you are spanish and you live in the united states it doesn’t matter. I am just interested to know where you are from originally.

Please share this and become a part of that project. There is nothing to win, and nothing to lose. You don’t get paid, cause you will not be mentioned in any kinda way. I just need to know the questions that you ask yourself quite often.

Out of that (hopefully) 300 questions I get, I will pick out the 12 most favourite questions you guys find most important – and with those questions I am planning to do a project.

Thank you very much for all your help and sharing and lets see where this is taking us from here.

Stefan Schwitter