Who is this guy called „Stefan Schwitter“?

I call my blog the trainingandlifeprocess. Actually I just talk about MY trainingandlifeprocess. Why so egoistic? Trust me, I am not (anymore). But all I can talk is my experience. I don’t want to judge your life and certainly not your process. I have learned to respect other peoples lifes…and dramas:-) So all I can really talk about is my very own process. If it inspires you or you can relate on one thing or more….even better, cause in the big picture we are all in the same boat, floating through time and space.

So who am I?

That is probably the most fundamental question that not even „semi-enlightened“ human beings can answer, BUT I can tell you who I am in terms of what I did/do and want to do here on earth.

So here we go…. and by the way, its raining cats and dogs here at the beach in miami. This is where I live. Originally I am from switzerland. Born and raised in a „normal“ family……hmmm, lets skip this part. I was a dreamer. I was a very creative and active child always moving, singing or fantasizing about life. Life always fascinated me. My best friends were my pets. Lets move faster here…

I wanted to become a professional wrestler when I was about 9 years of age. When I was 20 I started my training in austria and in 2010 I closed this chapter in las vegas. Those 7 years were amazing. I met lots of people, travelled 12 different countries and participated in hundreds of matches.

I knew that there is an even bigger connection to the gym and training itself. Wherever i went I was looking for a gym first. It became a ritual even to this day. Wherever I travel, the first thing I do is not looking for some food, but rather looking for a gym playground to express my body, my feelings, my emotions…. its in my blood and in my bones I guess.

So I was drawn to gyms and due to my travels, meeting lots of people and actually studying people very closely it was quite obvious that I will end up to train and coach people.

To this day, this is what I do. I am in my 12th year of doing it. Thousands of trainings are in my imaginary books. But I wouldn’t consider myself the „normal“ personaltrainer. I am not standing beside you, texting my friends on facebook and shout in your face during every set. Unfortunately this is what I observed even to this day lots and lots of times. I have been to hundreds of gyms all around the world. And since this is my blog and my experience I am very honest, cause I don’t think that people that are paying us to train them, deserve that kind of treatment. If you want to train people a little bit on the side and make that extramoney its all fine, but then don’t call yourself PERSONAL TRAINER. It takes a whole lot more to do this job and to do it well.

I call myself a COACH. I coach people. As part of my coaching it is essential to really know the person infront of me. Gladly I don’t have to ask alot of questions anymore, cause I developed a great sense of knowledge of human nature and psychology. The Bodylanguage never lies. And I learned to pay good attention when it comes to that.

What has the „lifeprocess“ to do with all this? You just talk about training and your job (I hear some say). To me everything that I do is an expression of who I am. To me my job and the rest that I do is not separate. In fact, I don’t treat my job as a job, cause it isn’t something I do from 9 to 5. It is my life and I have learned so much from this, that it became so much more than just  „something“ to earn money.

If you do a job just for the money, you will never become great. And to me that is not what life is all about. If you do it for the money, you do it, because you fear to live out on the street without shelter and food. Maybe not consciously but certrainly on a subconscious level. And that is the BIGGEST part of you 🙂 (more on that subject later)

So, all you need to know, in case you want to keep on reading my blogs is….

I am just a dude, that coaches people and gives seminars  and who tries to evolve everyday more and more. I am „working“ (actually it can’t be done with work) on lettin go and to walk through life with an  equanimous mind…… And that is my traininglifeprocess. And yes, I am on a BIG project that I hopefully can talk later on.

Oh yeah, I am married to a famous contortionist who travels the world right now as I type those words. Words can not really describe her, cause also words are some kind of limited and she isn’t 🙂

We are the masters of „leaving the comfort zone“, cause we gave up everything in switzerland (not for the first time) to move to new york city where we have lived for 1 year and then life took us down to miamibeach where we currently have an apartment. Where to next? What do I know? …..Only life knows 🙂

Will upload some very strange and unusual trainings that I have created that you can do for yourself. It is not always fitness related. Training is a huge topic, but if you want to become the strongest  possible YOU then you are at the perfect place here!

In the meantime..

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Until we meet again !!

Stefan Schwitter